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Our mission statement

To educate and feed the passion of fellow martial artist through any means possible.

This is a place for those who are:

1. Passionate about martial arts and the art of fighting in general.

2. Have found peace through fighting

3. Have learned life long lessons through martial arts

4. Believe that everyone has the right to defend themselves

This site was not created just to teach fighters, but rather as a resource to educate warriors.

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8 Mental Rehearsal Lessons from Legendary Athletes that will make you a Better MMA Fighter

In this article you will learn eight aspects of mental rehearsal as practiced by top athletes. Each of these aspects can be implemented into your game plan in the octagon to make you a more complete fighter. Read the article below if you are ready to take yourself to the next level!   Great athletes call it “the zone” and George Plimpton once wrote a book called The X-Factor: A Quest for Excellence about getting to

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dojo rules infographic

Dojo rules for parents and spectators

Martial arts is an activity that is endlessly valuable for young people because it instills discipline, boosts self-confidence, and encourages physical activity — among many other benefits. I did not train martial arts as a child, but I salute all the adults who make martial arts part of their child’s education. This important sacrifice that parents make means that they will be spending time at the dojo with their children. Unfortunately, some parents do not

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